#tbt rupaul

Before Drag Race and all the hype around it , there was the original break through circa 1993 : the legendary song  » Supermodel « .

Formerly a gender-fuck drag artist , best known for his mohawk and combat boots, rooming the « club kids » scene with James Saint James, Michael Alig & Amanda Lepore, Ru Paul Charles ( yes Ru Paul is his real name) decided to step up his game and gently ruffled the feathers of the then icons like Naomi, Linda or Christy. With the incredible artistry by his best friend Matthew Anderson ( still working with him for make up and wigs ) Ru Paul lauched what some conservative musical insiders considered as another dance track. But nobody expected the huge fan response and worldwide exposure Ru Paul got by this memorable line  » You better work! Sashay Shantay !  »


In 1993 the whole gay and club culture was slowly drowning, everybody was shifting to grunge music,  and voguing and ballrooms were declining. What Ru Paul achieved by this song ( and the many more to come ) was to show that it was still possible to have fun and feel glamourous without a hint of shame. The message is about self acceptance , having fun and be opened to all the possibilities . And to quote the diva herself  » We’re all born naked and the rest is drag… »

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