For the Fall/Winter 2016/2017 Menswear collection the house of Sandrine Philippe Paris has shed its last skin. Goodbye to the ingrained obsolescence of modern society, farewell to technology and au revoir to the numerical dictate of life.

The male silhouette of Sandrine Philippe Paris is an escape, it lets go of this overpopulated megalopolis in order to return to its original being. The human beast makes its appearance in small doses, minimal to begin with such as small details on the plastron of a t-shirt, before extending savagely to greater detail on garments.

The perfectos act as a second skin as the body molts. All this plays with the idea of a new transformation, in the soft snaking movements created. The trousers and jackets drape, the jogging trousers twist and envelop the legs.

The new Sandrine Philippe man is free of all his contemporary constraints, moving away from the more common path in this hyperactive and muddled world. He is now more certain of his provenance, his direction and above all, sure of his person.

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