MOTHER introduces LOVE YOUR OTHER, a gender-neutral capsule collection, created in the spirit of promoting self-truth and equal rights. Proceeds from the capsule benefit Self Evident Truths, which is leading a photographic documentation of 10,000 people in the USA that identify as anything other than 100% straight. The aim of the project is to humanize a vast community through the simplicity of their faces, showing that they come in all shapes, sizes, races, and social strata, thus making it harder for people to discriminate.

“Our hope in creating the ‘Love Your Other’ capsule and campaign is to bring awareness to the ‘othering’ that goes on when people are different”, said Lela Becker, President and Co-founder of MOTHER. “Standing up for Self Truth, Equal Rights, Love and Acceptance is at the very core of Self Evident Truth’s beliefs and ours.”

iO Tillet Wright, Founder of Self Evident Truths shared, “If we know that discrimination is based in fear, then creating visibility is the most powerful tool we have. Help people to know each other, and they will discriminate less.”

LOVE YOUR OTHER, is a 10-piece gender-neutral collection that consists of jeans, graphic tees and sweatshirts, flight suits and flight jackets all ranging from sizes XS – XL and 24 – 36. “We were inspired by the concept of doing away with labels and blurring the lines of gender and sexuality. The capsule’s graphic tees feature various statements that speak to that: Mx, Love Your Other, Labeless, Not 100%,” said Tim Kaeding, Designer & Co-Founder of MOTHER. The collection will retail for $105 – $359 and will be available in boutiques and department stores worldwide as well as A portion of the proceeds will benefit Self Evident Truths.

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