DICHOTOMY Spring Summer 2016 Collection by MASHAEL ALRAJHI

Breaking style monotony with an avant garde monochromatic take on contemporary casual.

Universal complexities summed in monochromatic simplicities. Using two of the boldest colors– Black and white, Dichotomy is exactly as its name connotes, a sartorial investigation of Life as a balanceofcontradictionsanduniversaldichotomies. Theuniversalmeaningofthecolorsthemselves inspires the concept behind it. White represents life, joy, and hope– it has a holistic spiritual meaning regardless of race and religion. On the other hand, black is used to exude honor, depth, profundity, respect and prestige.

Signature elements are once again present in DICHOTOMY. Each design has been executed with utmost regard for quality through the use of innovative handwork and and craftsmanship— from contemporary smocking techniques, shirring to the use of simple manipulation and the creation of post-material textile through layered sewing on flat fabrics; each design is executed seamlessly to achieve refined contemporary casual designs.

Moreover, with experimentation as a cornerstone of MASHAEL ALRAJHI, one will see the presence of geometrical shapes and clever angles to attain a silhouette form and structure that gives the collection a homogenous identity; while giving each design a distinctive sense of character. The collection aims to bring both black and white together as a sartorial expression of balance. Another important element of each design is its use of lines, as a sign of infinity and the life journey

Look 2 Black Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 3 black Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 5 Bis black Mashael SS16 menswear Look 6 black Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 12 black Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 17 White bis Mashael SS16 menswear Look 17 white Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 17 white ter Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 18 white Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 20 white Mashael SS16 menswear Look 21 white Mashael SS16 Menswear Look 22 bis white Mashael SS16 Menswear Mishi-105 Mishi-354